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W3 Media provides a variety of support options
for our customers.
To contact our support team:

Phone: (604) 871-9899 Extension 2
Toll Free: 1-866-4-WEB-NOW Extension 2
Email: Contact Support

Enterprise Solution customers or those customers with our added-value support packages may consult their support documentation for further contact options.
Please visit our Current Network Status Page for announcements and current usage information.

W3 International Media supports and maintains extensive infrastructure and resources to minimize disruption of services to W3's clients in the event of a 3rd party service outage.  These services are provided to the client "as is" and "best effort" in the event of a 3rd party service failure and do not constitute a guarantee or warrantee of products and services provided by 3rd parties.

Any warranties offered by W3 do not cover services and equipment that are:

  1. Outside of W3’s physical office; and/or;
  2. Owned and operated by a 3rd party other than W3 International Media;

Unless otherwise specifically stated in writing in the terms and conditions of the individual service contract.

W3 reserves the right to decide the ultimate course of action(s), in the event of 3rd party action or service failure, to minimize damage to the W3 network as a whole and to conserve resources.

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Our redundant high-speed fiber Internet connections guarantee that your customers will get to your website quickly without having to wait. Our upstream providers redundantly connect to the five largest worldwide Internet backbones!
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