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Below is a list of general pricing for services we provide. Some items, like custom server configurations and programming will require a specialized quote. Please feel free to contact us.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting
Performance graphing
Web Statistics
IP addressing
Ethernet Ports
AC Power
Firewall Service
Remote Access and Control
Tech Support
Data Backup
Domain Names and Registration

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting:
W3 Media has a library of pre-programed "templates" for standard system monitoring. Custom monitoring or performance graphing can be arranged at the base cost of $50 per "template" to program.

Service Description Price Setup
Ping based monitoring 24/7 Ping based monitoring with alerts sent to clients. Free/Month $0
SNMP based monitoring 24/7 SNMP based monitoring with alerts sent to clients. Free/Month $0
SNMP based Custom Device Monitoring Custom SNMP monitoring with alerts to clients. Free/Month $50
Ping based monitoring 24/7 Ping based monitoring with alerts sent to W3 Media.* $3/Month per item* $0
SNMP based monitoring 24/7 SNMP based monitoring with alerts sent to W3 Media.* $3/Month per item* $0
SNMP based Custom Device Monitoring Custom SNMP monitoring with alerts to W3 Media.* $3/Month per item* $50
* W3 Media will bill separately for "Tech Support" time needed to resolve the issue.

Performance graphing:
Our advanced monitoring system can graph hardware and software elements on your server. From memory or CPU use, to bandwidth and drive space.

Service Description Price Setup
SNMP based device graphing SNMP based performance graphing. Free/Month $0
SNMP based Custom Device Graphing Custom SNMP performance graphing. Free/Month $50

Web Statistics:
W3 Media utilizes several systems to process your web server log files. Know how many people visited your website, how they found the site (via search engine or link from another website), what search words they used to find it, what pages they viewed, what files they downloaded, and more.

Service Description Price Setup
AWStats Web Statistics Webserver log file processing with AWStats. $25 per domain $25
LiveStats Web Statistics Webserver log file processing with LiveStats. $25 per domain $25


W3 Media has flexible options for connectivity and bandwidth pricing.

Our metered connectivity packages allows you to economize with open ended bandwidth pricing which calculates your last month's useage and prices bandwidth charges accordingly to your data usage.

Unmetered unlimited use connectivity gives peace of mind of unlimited data with no additional bandwidth charges

Port Service Description Price Setup
100 Mbps Connectivity Package (metered) metered 100Mbps connection with 100 GB bandwidth included.* $105 per month $0
100 Mbps Connectivity UNLIMITED USE (unmetered) unlimited use 100Mbps connection (unmetered) $275 per month $0
Gigabit 1000 Mbps Connectivity Package (metered) metered Gbps connection with 100 GB bandwidth included.* $695 per month $0
Gigabit 1000 Mbps Connectivity UNLIMITED USE (unmetered) unlimited use Gbps connection (unmetered) $995 per month $0
Dedicated Connectivity dedicated connections Contact us $0
Open Use 101-500 GB additional bandwidth over 100 GB limit $2.00 per GB $0
Open Use 501-1000 GB bandwidth over 500 GB. $1.20 per GB $0
Open Use 1001+ GB bandwidth over 1000 GB $0.90 per GB $0
* Overage billed at $2.50 per GB

IP addressing:
W3 Media can provide you with just a couple IPs or entire Class C block. Single IP addresses are randomly assigned. If more than 16 IP addresses are needed, W3 Media will assign the client their own subnet. Subnet blocks come in 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 IPs. Each subnet block will contain 2 unuseable IP addresses (an additional 2 addresses per subnet may be used for network redundancy/failover.)

Service Description Price Setup
Single IP Address Each IP ordered - up to 16 IPs $2.95 ea per month $10
16 IPs /28 block $39 per month $25
32 IPs /27 block $64 per month $25
64 IPs /26 block $110 per month $25
128 IPs /25 block $192 per month $25
256 IPs /24 block $384 per month $25

Ethernet Ports:
W3 Media can add as many drops to your devices or cabinet space as needed. If this network drop needs Internet access, bandwidth charges will apply.

Service Description Price Setup
Network Drop Each extra 100 Mbps network drop to your equipment. $10 ea per month $10

AC Power:
Co-location packages are associated with a certain amount of power. If more power is required, W3 Media can arrange it.

Service Description Price Setup
Extra power Extra average draw from your current circuit $23.50 per Amp per month $150
Dedicated UPS Circuit One 120 volt, 20 amp circuit from our UPS/Generator to your equipment. $470 per month $650

Firewall Service:
Add another layer of protection between your servers and the outside world. Firewall service covers one network drop and includes one rule change per month (extra rule changes are billed at $25 per change).

Service Description Price Setup
Firewall Service A single network connection behind one of our Cisco firewalls. $25 ea per month $25

Remote Access and Control:
Remotely power cycle your devices or use KVM over IP for remote management.

Service Description Price Setup
KVM over IP Remotely manage your device as you would from a console. Change BIOS settings, manage your hardware RAID devices and log into the OS. $TBA $TBA
Remote Power Log into the remote power device to remotely hard reboot your device. $25 ea outlet per month $15

Tech Support:
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available for questions by phone, fax, e-mail, and even in person. When you have a question regarding our service, we're there to answer it. Most standard support (questions, advice etc.) during regular business hours will be free of charge. If one of our staff is needed to work on your device, make changes to programming or code, swap out hardware, perform general administration or other maintenance tasks, billing charges will apply. Our staff will inform you before doing the work that charges will apply and will provide you with an estimate on the time the task will take to perform.

Service Description Price Setup
Regular Support Services Standard tech support during regular business hours. $145 per hour $0
Emergency Support Services After hours tech support. $290 per hour $0
Maintenance Package 24/7 email and telephone support, datacenter access, monitoring and alert response. Includes 2 hours regular or emergency tech support per month. Call $0

Data Backup:
W3 Media can provide scheduled data backups or on-demand DVD backups of your systems.

Service Description Price Setup
Data Backup Scheduled Data Backup based on client defined files, frequency and retention periods. $15/month + $5/month per retained GB** $0
DVD Backup On-demand DVD backup. Price includes shipping DVD worldwide. $35 per disc $0
Off-Site Backups Off-site data retention. Price is based on client needs. Please call for quote. $Call $Call
**Example: 3 GB of backup data would be $30 per month.

Domain Names and Registration:
Register, renew or manage domain names with W3 Media.

Service Description Price Setup
Domain Registry Register, Transfer, Renew and manage your domains quickly and easily through w3registry.com. Please see site for current pricing n/a
DNS Management If you are using W3 Media DNS, you can manage your domains through our management console. Please contact W3 Media to set up your account. Free Free

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