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Our 700 square foot datacenter facility is located in downtown Vancouver BC. We maintain redundant high speed Internet connectivity with BGP4 Peering and utilize Cisco equipment for all our switches, routers and hardware firewalls.

Dual APC Symmetra units provide clean, 120 volt AC power to the equipment and automatically provide backup power in the event of power grid failure - a backup generator is on standby. Our equipment is housed in seismically bolted APC NetShelter cabinets.
24/7 monitoring

Network monitoring: W3 Media's datacenter team monitors the operation of the network, equipment, power and datacenter environment 24/7.
Ping and SNMP monitoring: W3 Media can provide advanced monitoring for your server hardware or running services. Email or SMS text message alerts can be sent to W3 Media staff or to your system administrators in the event of a problem. Special monitoring on your co-located or managed servers can be arranged.

Performance graphing: Our advanced monitoring system can graph hardware and software elements on your server. From memory or CPU use, to bandwidth and drive space. We can arrange performance graphing of priority services like Apache or MySQL. We can even tell you how fast the CPU fan was running on a given day (special hardware support applies). Performance graphing is a must have tool for proactive systems administration.
Web Statistics: W3 Media utilizes several systems to process your web server log files. Know how many people visited your website, how they found the site (via search engine or link from another website), what search words they used to find it, what pages they viewed, what files they downloaded, and more. Our shared hosting platform provides statistics by default. W3 Media can also provide this for your co-located or dedicated servers.

Our redundant high-speed fiber connections to the Internet guarantee that your customers will get to your website quickly without having to wait. Using BGP4's smart routing technology lets our network choose the fastest path to your clients and routes around problems automatically! Make your website a reliable resource for both your employees and customers. Our upstream providers redundantly connect to the five largest worldwide Internet backbones, which provides the fastest access to your site around the world.

Bandwidth: W3 Media has several options for bandwidth pricing.
IP addressing: W3 Media can provide you with just a couple IPs or entire Class C block.
Ethernet Ports: W3 Media can add as many drops to your devices as needed.
Firewall Service: Add another layer of protection between you and the outside world.

We employ APC NetShelter Lockable, Fully Enclosed, Cabinet Equipment Racks designed for front and quad/rail mounted equipment. All racks are equipped with side & top cable management, and seismic bolting. Space for Co-location clients range from single units to a full 44 unit cabinet. (link to colocation)
Power and Environment

Power: 15 amp / 110 AC circuits.
UPS: Dual APC Symmetra uninterrupted power supply units provides clean 15 amp AC power to our cabinets
Generator: Standby backup generator
Environment and Cooling: 5 ton Air Conditioning Unit.
Access and Security

Alarm System: There are 3 separate security systems between the front door and the inside of our datacenter.
Security: The building is monitored 24/7 by a contracted security company.
Escorted Access: No one is in the datacenter without a W3 employee present.
Tech Support:

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available for questions by phone, fax, e-mail, and even in person. When you have a question regarding our service, we're there to answer it.
  • Regular Hours and contact information: Contact W3 Media during regular business hours for all your support needs.
  • Maintenance Package: W3 Media offers a maintenance package which provides you with 24/7 email and telephone support, datacenter access, monitoring and alert response. (Link to pricing)
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 Redundant Fiber Connectivity!
Our redundant high-speed fiber Internet connections guarantee that your customers will get to your website quickly without having to wait. Our upstream providers redundantly connect to the five largest worldwide Internet backbones!
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